Do Our Leaders Really Represent Us?

In an effort to waylay possibilities of blackmail, Spitzer’s replacement, David Paterson, today announced that he and his wife had been unfaithful to each other but have been able to work through those rough times. It doesn’t surprise me when I hear of government officials cheating on their spouses as it’s become a pretty common headline. What bothers me is what Paterson said about it:

“I think we have a marriage like many Americans, maybe even like many of you. Elected officials are really just reflections of the people we represent.”

I’ve always been under the impression that it’s people without morals that cheat on their spouses. Or perhaps people caught in a weak state. Has it really become so commonplace that these unfaithful leaders represent their people? About 50% of marriages end in divorce so I can’t imagine that many marriages survive after husband and wife both cheat on each other. I was really impressed with Paterson when I first heard his background. Why do so many people succumb to the temptation to cheat on the one person their committed to loving for the rest of their lives (or eternity)? If they can’t work through marriage issues how are they going to solve diplomatic and political problems? Wall Street is on shaky ground, the ex-governor and governor of New York are unfaithful and their Senator running for president is an opportunist and a scam. Do New Yorkers have anything to be proud of these days? I mean you can’t even go to the top of the Statue of Liberty still because of the fear of a terrorist attack. It really seems to me like our world has changed a lot over the last ten to fifteen years.

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