Why Al Gore Hasn’t Convinced Me

I am a died-in-the-wool conservationist. I don’t like the idea of using up our resources and going to other planets looking for more. But I also don’t like the Chicken Littles of the world (who I’m sure have every good intention) going around crying about how we’re changing climate.

I don’t disagree that:

  1. Our climate may be warming
  2. It’s important to go easy on natural resources—we use many of them quicker than we can replace them

But when I continue to read articles like this one in the Wall Street Journal, I get upset that the ‘facts’ being used can be called into question. If we don’t have solid evidence that this warming is a trend and that it won’t likely reverse in the next few years, then why are we so up in arms about it? Certainly we could use some reduction in pollution and perhaps many scientists are willing to jump on the global warming bandwagon because they see the attention as a good thing. But, again, let’s call a spade a spade. If this isn’t scientifically proven, back off a bit. Leave me be. Let’s get our economy worked out before we go trying to harvest corn and soybeans as biofuels, driving up the price of food in an already strained economy. Here’s a bit on the problems of inflation world-wide, again from the WSJ:

But the fact that inflation is rising almost everywhere suggests some of its causes are global. As crops are sold for alternative-energy production, food prices have soared: The price of rice, the staple for billions of Asians, is up 147% over the past year. Increasing demand for natural resources among developing economies such as India and China has pushed up prices for raw materials world-wide. Oil-supply constraints have sent crude-oil futures surging above $112 a barrel Wednesday, a new record, resulting in rising fuel and transportation prices.

When we’re still not able to feed the poor, we should look at scenarios that reduce the price of basic foods, instead of driving prices up. “On Wednesday, the World Bank estimated global food prices have risen 83% over the past three years, threatening recent strides in poverty reduction.” So, while Al Gore sits in his new castle and tries to convert the world in groups of 300 or less at a time, people are starving partly as a result of the frenzy he’s kicking up. Before I make global warming a priority, I’d like to see how it can improve the lives of people in third-world countries, not just the wealthy who want to keep their ocean-front property as ocean levels rise. And why are we really so worried about global warming when there’s evidence it will provide more food?

One thought on “Why Al Gore Hasn’t Convinced Me

  1. Ryan,

    I didn’t know you had a blog (or maybe I forgot) until I saw a link to it from Lauren’s blog…I really enjoy the reading and like the WSJ article. I think the politicians have other motives for chasing the global climate change issue…I just can’t figure out what they are.

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