New Windmills in Spanish Fork

We’ve gotten nine new windmills in the mouth of Spanish Fork canyon, an exciting new alternative energy source. But, last week when I was reading my WSJ (served free while I’m working on my MBA), I came across an article entitled, “India Windmill Empire Begins to Show Cracks“. Turns out the company that makes our windmills has had to recall a huge number of blades because of cracks.

Mr. Kher blamed the cracks on the Midwest’s unexpectedly violent changes in wind direction. Though Mr. Tanti says that only 45 blades have cracked, Suzlon says it will add an extra lamination layer to almost all of the blades it has shipped to the U.S. To repair cracked blades and reinforce the rest, the company expects to spend $30 million.

I’m assuming that since we just recently got the windmills—they’re not even hooked up yet—that they come with that layer of laminate. At least I hope they do.

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