The Economy is all Bush’s Fault! I Think?

Let me first say I don’t enjoy defending Bush. But it’s important that people understand where problems begin. Plenty of problems have been caused by this administration and I believe most of them can be categorized under an umbrella of hubris and all its fruits, including the loss of hegemony . But to say that the economy is the result of Republican leadership is frustrating. I’ve always understood that it takes time to see the effects of legislation that influences the economy. I came across this insightful article on how Clinton pushed for mortgages to be made available to people with poor credit. There are so many elements to the credit crisis I don’t think any educated person would dare place blame on any one person or factor.


3 thoughts on “The Economy is all Bush’s Fault! I Think?

  1. I agree.

    I can’t stand the republicans, but it’s frustrating to hear people so quick to chalk it all up to Bush. Yes, he played a role, but one must really be blind to not see that this is where things were headed. For a very long time.

    We have an economic system that is built on consuming everything in sight. And we have a monetary system that is built completely on debt. You just can’t win with this set-up in the long run.

  2. You know, as a Republican, I think I agree. I can’t stand my party. Why can’t they represent the platform better? It’s almost like Republican is synonymous with big business and greed. It’s time to get back to financial soundness and steer away from insane levels of individual and collective debt.

  3. Many Republicans brought it up a few years ago, that the things done by Clinton and mortgages (and his cronies at Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac) needed to be stopped, and Democrats blocked it. There is no question the mortgage crisis has the Democrats fingerprints all over it.

    And the other big cause for our current economic woes… skyrocketing oil prices. This can also be blamed on the democrats from blocking every attempt to drill for more domestic oil. In doing so we could increase supply (thus decrease price) AND lessen our dependance on foreign oil.

    I think Obama seems like a smart guy, lets hope he uses his brain to help fix this mess, and not his politics. It’s amazing to me that in times of economic crisis people go to democrats for help. Nothing stimulates an economy like hiking people’s taxes!

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